We are dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of our residents, their families, and staff by providing pastoral support, worship opportunities, visitation, counseling, and prayer.

Protestant worship services, led by Lutheran pastors, are held at each affiliate on a weekly basis. Roman Catholic services are also held weekly at each affiliate. We encourage visits by members of our residents’ home congregation and spiritual leaders, as well.

The GreenFields provides health care services to nearly 500 individuals on any given day. In order to provide pastoral care to such a large number of people, we organized a team of Chaplain Assistants (CAs). Chaplain Assistants visit and pray with those in need of pastoral care, provide a listening ear, and refer those with greater needs to our Chaplain, Reverend David Belasic. They also bring Holy Communion to residents unable to attend regularly scheduled worship services.

The Chaplain Assistant program, which began in February 2009, was made possible through a grant from the Lutheran Church Extension Society of Buffalo. For more information about our Chaplain Assistant program, please call Kristen Glieco at (716) 684-0202, ext. 1801.

Our Current Worship Schedule

Lutheran/Protestant Worship with Holy Communion

  • GreenField Heath & Rehabilitation Center (GHRC): 10:45 AM Saturdays
  • GreenField Court & Manor (GCM): 1:00 PM Saturdays
  • GreenField Terrace (GFT): 2:00 PM Fridays

Roman Catholic Worship with Holy Communion

  • GHRC Mass every Monday at 2:30 PM
  • GCM Mass every Thursday at 3:30 PM

Volunteers are Welcome & Encouraged!

If you, or a group from your church or organization, would like to help transport residents to and from worship, especially at GreenField Health & Rehabilitation Center, once a week, once a month, or even occasionally, please e-mail Kristen Glieco at kglieco@niagaralutheran.org or call her at (716) 684-0202, Ext. 1801.

The Pastoral Care Department has its own confidential email address at pastoralcare@niagaralutheran.org.